Still using Popular Candle Brands?

If you don’t know already, most of the popular candle brands use toxic ingredients that can be carcinogenic. Most candles are made of paraffin, which is a petroleum waste product- when it burns, it lets off the same chemicals as diesel gas! On top of that, they add synthetic fragrances that are also terrible for our health. So candles might seem innocent, but they are just another thing that is in our environment that can cause us health issues. If you want to read all about this, check out Wellness Mama’s article on it!

So many people are suffering with multiple chemical sensitivities, but there are many options for those that still want to use things like candles- minus any symptoms like headaches, sinus pressure, and burning eyes!

Poofy Organics has a great option for those looking for a truly natural candle: Candle melts! Most of the candle melts are made with organic coconut wax and organic essential oils. You can’t find much better than that!

Each pack of candle melts comes with 6 cubes, and each cube burns for about 25-30 hours. They come in scents like Holiday Cheer, Hard Cider, Let it Snow, and more! All you need is a wax melter or a candle warmer🙂

Check out ALL of the candle melt options here!

Mmmm, the smell of fall!

Hard Cider


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Signs that you are truly healing

St. Patrick ChurchJune 24, 2018(1)

Most of us grew up in the medical paradigm where you were told to just pop a pill when you felt sick, and you would then instantly feel better. Unfortunately that is not how true health is achieved. We all have had similar experiences with health: we felt mostly ok for years, even decades, until one day our bodies were like, “Nope! Can’t do this anymore.” When we hit that wall, it means that our bodies can no longer deal with the toxic burden that it’s been dealt.

Since it can take so long to get sick in the first place, it can take time to heal (and you can experience some healing reactions)- but there are many signs to look out for along the way to know if you are heading in the right direction!

Your Hair, Skin and Nails look GREAT!

So many people suffer with hair loss or breakage, acne, eczema, and slow growing nails. When digestion improves and protein metabolism is more effective, then your hair will start growing faster and it will stop falling out as much. You’ll start to notice that you have to clip your nails A LOT when before you would rarely ever have to touch them. Your skin will slowly start to clear up and you’ll break out much less than before.

Your Gut Symptoms Improve

There is a LOT to do to heal the gut. We have to focus on increasing stomach acid, healing the liver, getting rid of pathogens, and getting your colon moving more efficiently. Healing the gut takes time and effort- but once you start focusing on it you should notice improvement almost immediately. Signs your gut is improving: less or no bloating, better BMs, your appetite gets more stable, no more acid reflux, no more crazy cravings, and you start tolerating a wide range of foods.

Sleep Gets Better

Sleep is one of the hardest things to fix, and it seems to be the main thing that goes up and down for people. But if you are getting more nights of solid sleep and feeling refreshed when you wake up, that is a sure sign that your liver and adrenals are getting happy!

Weight Starts to Stabilize

After sleep, weight is probably the next thing that is hard to fix. When we are healing, excess weight is often the last thing the body works on. Many people have weight fluctuations as they heal- it is common, it stinks, but it is just a part of the journey. You can read my whole post on Gaining Weight While Healing here.

Your Moods Get Better!

When you deal with chronic anxiety and depression, you start to get used to those feelings unfortunately. As your gut heals and you replenish much-needed nutrients, you will start to notice that your 24/7 anxiety starts to only last for a few days a week, or a few minutes a day. When your body gets into balance, you will start to be happier, calmer, and have a new outlook on life🙂

You start crossing out symptoms on your list!

So many people make themselves a list of symptoms at some point so they can have it for future reference. If you’ve done this, go take a look at it and start crossing out the things you no longer deal with. Are your chronic UTIs gone? Is your libido back? Can you go for a walk without crashing or experiencing pain everywhere? Has your PMS disappeared- or maybe your whole cycle normalized? It’s always good to make a progress check on yourself. You know yourself best!

There is no set time for healing- everyone will be different with what resolves first. But you should notice some issues improving or disappearing as time goes on. Usually gut symptoms are the first to really resolve since that is what usually needs to most work! Once your gut heals, you can assimilate nutrients better and that is when the real healing starts.

What symptoms have disappeared for YOU? Let us know in the comments.🙂

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Swift Naturals- Herb Derived Medicine

I’ve had the pleasure of being able to try some products from Swift Naturals, and I am very excited to share my experience with you all!

Swift Naturals offers the BEST topical magnesium products out there. So many mag oils and lotions still have nasty ingredients like parabens, so I was very excited to find Swift Naturals and their awesome formulas. Their products are handcrafted in small batches in order to maintain quaility, strength and consistency.

I really LOVE the Be Calm Magnesium lotion. Magnesium oil can sting and it’s definitely not something that most people enjoy using. Magnesium lotion is the best solution for this issue! The Be calm lotion is great right before bed, especially if you have a tendency to toss and turn because of insomnia or anxiety. The best part? It is 100% natural! The ingredients: Magnesium Chloride, Distilled Water, MSM, Virgin coconut oil,
shea butter, avocado oil, beeswax, and therapeutic-grade Lavender essential oil. Finally I found a mag lotion that I feel comfortable using and recommending to others. And it smells AMAZING!

Be Calm lotion.jpg


I am definitely a huge fan of the mag lotion and sprays that Swift Naturals have, but their real shining star is the Pain Be Gone DEEP. This particular product is especially effective for those with bone, nerve, and muscle pain. Those that use it find almost instantaneous relief from their pain! And again, it is 100% natural! It is so hard to find good products like this that are truly natural.

Pain be gone deep.jpg

You can check out everything else that Swift Naturals offers here! They have bug spray, Diaper cream, Swedish Bitter for digestion, and more!

You can also follow them on Facebook Here

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Endometriosis- How Minerals can help

Endometriosis (and other related hormonal imbalances) is becoming more common because of the level of nutritional imbalances, liver dysfunction, and adrenal fatigue that we are dealing with. Endometriosis can cause a lot of pain and sadness for those that suffer with it because of its possible effects on fertility.

What is Endometriosis?

Endometriosis is when tissue lining in the uterus spreads and grows outside the uterus, usually in the Fallopian tubes, intestines, and ovaries but the tissue can migrate almost anywhere in the body. This can cause issues with internal scarring because of the foreign tissue that ends up in other parts of the body.


  • Pelvic pain
  • Menstrual pain
  • Irregular menstrual cycles
  • Issues with conceiving; miscarriages
  • Some women can have these symptoms but not have Endo, or they can have Endo with none of these symptoms- it is very hard to diagnose

Conventional treatment of Endometriosis includes drugs and surgery- both of which will not solve the underlying issues. You can read more about endometriosis, symptoms and other treatments here.

Natural Treatment of Endometriosis:

Balancing copper will be the number one thing to do to heal from endo, or any other hormonal issue. Copper imbalances are incredibly common, especially among women, because copper is related to estrogen. The biggest issue that is created with imbalanced copper is that you can be both copper toxic and deficient, and they both come with their own sets of symptoms. Copper gets “toxic” when we are deficient in the copper-binding protein ceruloplasmin which depends on healthy adrenals, a strong liver, and a few key nutrients like vitamin A, vitamin C, and copper itself. When copper rises, estrogen tends to rise as well creating what we know as “estrogen dominance”, when in reality we are just high in excess copper, and unable to filter it out because of a sluggish liver. Please read my whole post on Copper Dysregulation to get the full story on how to test for this mineral imbalance.

Healing the Liver is the next step, and it is also a crucial part of healing from a copper imbalance. We need healthy livers to filter out toxins and excess hormones (especially estrogen), and we need healthy bile flow to excrete excess, unbound copper. We also need a healthy liver to create ceruloplasmin which is a key protein for balancing copper and iron. You can read about liver healing here, and check out other ideas for increasing bile flow here.

Healing the adrenals will also be very important to healing from hormonal issues. The adrenals are the emergency glands of the body. When we are constantly stressed, our bodies cannot keep up with the demands of homeostasis (keeping the body in balance). The brain sends messages that activate the sympathetic nervous system (fight or flight) and the adrenal glands, which releases adrenaline- and this is whether we truly need it or not. Dealing with illnesses like endometriosis can be a constant stress (both physically and emotionally) on the adrenals. You can read more about healing the adrenals here. Getting a hair tissue mineral analysis to determine the state of your adrenals can be a great first step to healing.

Nourishing the body is also very important for healing from any illness. So many people suffer from nutritional deficiencies and imbalances because of the Standard American Diet, which is most definitely the saddest diet out there. Herbal infusions, nutrient dense organic foods, lots of healthy fats and proteins- these are all very good things to add to the diet to help heal from nutrient depletion.

You can also look into homeopathic remedies for endometriosis for symptom control and for extra help in healing.

Have you healed from endometriosis? What has helped you the most?





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My Favorite Cod liver oils!

This is a question I get asked often. There are so many cod liver oils on the market, but many of these brands only use about half cod liver oil- the other half is made up with synthetic A and D! Yuck-that defeats the purpose of using cod liver oil if half of the nutrients are man-made. So let’s talk about why cod liver oil can be so amazing, and which brands are actually great.

Vitamin A

Autoimmune disorders, leaky gut, inflammation, ATP energy production, food intolerances, and more are connected with vitamin A. Retonic acid impacts about 500 different genes!! This article is probably one of the best I have ever come across. Vitamin A is so important for our healing process, but we do need to go slow with it and support our livers!

Vitamin A is a crucial nutrient needed to heal from copper dysregulation. It is a prime part of creating ceruloplasmin. (Source-PubMed) Most A is stored in the liver so blood tests can’t be very effective in telling us our A stores.  Low ceruloplasmin in the blood and low potassium on the HTMA are good indicators of an A deficiency.

One of the BIGGEST lies we have been told is that beta carotene is the same as vitamin A. While beta carotene is an important nutrient, it has to go through a process to be converted into retinol. In order to make this conversion we need a healthy gut, healthy liver and gallbladder (bile flow is the KEY), and certain enzymes and nutrients (like zinc). From this study, “β-Carotene is absorbed from the intestine and is converted into vitamin A only in the presence of bile acids.”  Using something like Cod liver oil that has retinol helps you get the REAL vitamin A that you need, because we cannot depend on the beta carotene converting.

Vitamin D

There is a lot of hype about vitamin D. So many people push high doses of it without understanding that we are we are meant to get D from the sun and in small amounts from food. Period. You CANNOT bottle sunshine and I find it preposterous that this supplementing fad has continued for so long. Cod liver oil is one of the oldest and most effective ways to supplement vitamin D. We need a lot more vitamin A than vitamin D, and cod liver oil provides this balance.

We also need healthy livers to utilize both A and D. This is why liver support is so crucial for healing! We need these fat soluble vitamins, but we cannot use them properly with sluggish livers.

Vitamin D is still a truly crucial hormone. Vitamin D deficiency signs include chronic infections (including susceptibility for getting the flu), muscle weakness, diabetes, kidney disease, asthma, tooth decay, cancer, depression, and anxiety. This is why Cod liver oil can be great for those that need vitamin D, but don’t want to risk using high dose supplements (which I don’t recommend anyway- you can read why here!)

My Favorite Cod Liver Oils:



  • Made from wild Norwegian Arctic cod from the purest sea water.
  • Processed within 24 hours in effective and gentle manner.
  • Separated from fresh cod fish livers using cold pressed purifying technologies without the use of chemicals.
  • Regularly tested for freshness and purity by an independent, FDA-registered laboratory.
  • Proven to be free of detectable levels of mercury, cadmium, lead, PCB’s and 28 other contaminants.
  • Available unflavored or with a hint of organic peppermint oil and/or lemon oil.
  • Vitamin A – approximately 2500 iu per serving
  • Vitamin D- approximately 250 iu per serving
  • One bottle has 95 servings- one of the BEST values you will find



  • Naturally Occurring Vitamin D3 (400-500 IU per teaspoon)
  • Naturally Occurring Vitamin A (3000-5000 IU per teaspoon)
  • EPA (Approx. 510 mg/teaspoon)
  • DHA (Approx. 700 mg/teaspoon)
  • Raw and Soy Free
  • Bottled Fresh in Norway
  • No chemicals, solvents and mechanical devices used during the extraction process
  • Oil is completely unrefined and produced under the total absence of heat
  • One bottle lasts for one month at 1 teaspoon daily dose; 2 months at 1/2 teaspoon daily dose

Perfect Supplements has both of these cod liver oil brands: NutraPro and Rosita’s. They also have NutraPro’s Butter oil to help increase absorption of the CLO! Use my code SASSY for 10% off! They also offer free domestic shipping for orders over $99 and have a money back guarantee on unopened bottles of the CLO.

My third choice for CLO would be Nordic Naturals Artic (without the added D). You can usually find this one at Vitamin Shoppe easily.

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Hiatal Hernia- a hidden cause of MANY symptoms!

Hiatal Hernia

About 4 and a half years ago, I finally hit my wall of tolerance with my health. I had been dealing with “fibromyalgia” for several years, and then things started getting much worse (after I started losing weight nonetheless!)

I was having vasovagal nerve reactions which would make it feel like I was having a heart attack.  Also, I was having a lot of issues with my digestion because my stomach was always in excruciating pain.  I went to the hospital 3 times in 3 months because of the stomach pain and because of how fast my heart skipped with the vasovagal responses.  I had no idea what was going on at the time- I did not know about the vasovagal nerve, or gut health.  Nothing.  I was terrified.  I was having spasms from my neck to my legs 24/7 which I now know was my esophagus having spasms.  The hospital told me I just had anxiety, and sent me to a gastroenterologist.  The gastro told me I had a hiatal hernia, and GERD.  I was told to sleep on an incline, avoid certain foods, and take Prilosec for the rest of my life.

I was devastated.   At this point, I was barely sleeping because of these spasms.  I was living on rice, broth and grilled chicken because everything else gave me stomach pain.
This went on for months until I finally decided to go another route.  I was sick of the pain and the spasms, and the Prilosec made me stop having periods, gave me heart palpitations, and was making me into a zombie.  I started looking up home remedies for reflux.

My first finds were apple cider vinegar and aloe vera juice.  These two remedies were nothing short of a miracle.  The first day I tried the vinegar, I was able to eat a normal meal!  Within a week, I had my period again and the heart palps stopped.  I was still having muscles spasms 24/7 but they were getting better.  After a month of just these 2 remedies, I could once again eat anything without pain! Once I added magnesium in a few months later, I was able to get the muscle spasms under control too.

I’ve noticed recently how many people are suffering with these SAME issues, so I hope this article can help some of those that cannot figure out what is going on.

What is a Hiatal Hernia?

I’ve found the best explanation on what a hiatal hernia is from Modern Herbal Medicine’s wesbite :”The esophagus passes through an opening in the diaphragm muscle called the hiatus. The esophagus ends where it connects to the stomach. The stomach lies in the abdominal cavity below the diaphragm. What a person has a hiatal hernia, a portion of the stomach protrudes up into the chest cavity through the opening for the esophagus (as pictured below).”


Picture from

Symptoms of Hiatal Hernia:

  • GERD
  • Acid Reflux/Heartburn (because of LOW STOMACH ACID!)
  • Bloating
  • Constipation
  • Heart Palpitations
  • Stomach pain
  • Difficulty swallowing (especially pills and capsules)
  • Lots of deep or shallow breathing, cannot get a good breath!
  • Esophageal spasms
  • Chest pain- the muscles in the chest get pretty stressed when dealing with labored breathing and esophageal spasms. Some people even notice that their ribs pop out and need chiropractic manipulation
  • Vasovagal “responses”: With over-stimulation of the vagus nerve (which runs from your brain stem, all the way down to your colon), you can get a series of symptoms. The most common reaction is a very strange tunnel-vision kind of feeling, then increased heart rate (which tends to increases anxiety), then one usually feels gut pain and they have to run to the bathroom (sometimes for quite a while!). Afterwards, the person might fell better but they also tend to be absolutely exhausted.


How to fix the hiatal hernia

  • Find a Chiropractor that is knowledgeable about hiatal hernia manipulation. Some people notice an immediate relief from this, especially with breathing!
  • Check out Youtube for videos like this so you can try to fix it yourself
  • Heal your gut!! Probably the most crucial point in preventing the hernia from popping up again (although for women, the hernia can definitely get pushed back up in pregnancy- sorry!). Those with hiatal hernias almost always have LOW stomach acid. This allows undigested food to just sit in the gut and rot- gross!
  • Concentrate on nervous system health. The vagus nerve is what gets really irritated with a hiatal hernia. Singing, humming, breathing exercises, and even yoga can help the Vagus nerve!
  • Mineral deficiencies like magnesium and potassium play huge roles in muscle strength and need to be addressed to prevent the stomach from pushing back through the diaphragm.
  • Read this post from Modern Herbal Medicine to learn more about the seriousness of this little hernia! The post has 3 pages, and pretty much everything you need to know about healing the hiatal hernia!


Have you been told you have a hiatal hernia? What has helped you?

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The Wonders of Collagen and Gelatin!

Gelatin and collagen are mostly known for their gut healing properties but they are also a great source of natural protein and amino acids.

“Gelatin is just a processed version of a structural protein called collagen that is found in many animals, including humans. Collagen makes up almost one-third of all the protein in the human body. Collagen is a fibrous protein that strengthens the body’s connective tissues and allows them to be elastic, that is, to stretch without breaking. As you get older, your body makes less collagen, and individual collagen fibers become increasingly cross-linked with each other. You might experience this as stiff joints from less flexible tendons, or wrinkles due to loss of skin elasticity.” (source)

What gelatin and collagen can help with:

  • Hair and Nail health
  • Heals the gut!
  • Provides highly digestible protein, which is great for those with low stomach acid and adrenal fatigue
  • Helps provide amino acids for muscle health
  • Reduces inflammation
  • Helps sleep
  • Heals a sluggish metabolism
  • Can help reduce or eliminate wrinkles and cellulite!


Perfect Supplements has absolutely amazing collagen and gelatin. Their collagen has an awesome 97% of protein, one of the highest amounts on the market right now. It is 100% non-GMO as well as pesticide and hormone free.


Now there are single serving packets for the grass-fed collagen, perfect for vacations and any time you need to be on-the-go!

Now you can use my code SASSY at checkout for 10% off of everything on their website!

Check out Perfect’s Collagen here!

Perfect has a 100% money back guarantee, and they also offer free shipping for orders over $99!

Collagen can be used in just about everything since it is not

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